Pool Closed

  • Pool House reconstruction is nearing completion and remains closed until further notice
  • During construction there will be no bathroom access for the tennis courts
  • The tennis courts may experience power outages during poolhouse construction
  • We apologize for any inconvenience these may cause


Barkley Square 2019 HOA dues & special assessments:  

  • 2019 dues are $1,000.00 payable in equal payments of $250.00 per quarter
  • 2019 special assessment is $500.00


Barkley Square 2019 HOA invoice and payment due dates as follows:

  • First quarter dues are invoiced January 1 and due no later than January 31
  • Second quarter dues are invoiced April 1 and due no later than April 30
  • Third quarter dues are invoiced July 1 and due no later than July 31
  • Fourth quarter dues are invoiced October 1 and due no later than October 31